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Nicole is an incredible event planner!!! I'm not sure our wedding would of even happened officially if it wasn't for her wealth of resources, flexibility, and the joy she takes in making sure your wedding is everything you've dreamed of and more! Due to family circumstances, my fiancé and I had to change our wedding date three times!!! Nicole was a super star making all the calls and arrangements while I was behind the scene freaking out. However, with Nicole, I had no need to worry about a thing. She seamlessly succeeded in planning and executing a magical destination dream wedding for us in Maui!!!! And with less than a month's notice! Nicole, I can't thank you enough for all your hard work and energy you gave us. Thank you, thank you!




All I can say about All About You Events is "WOW"!

The thing I appreciated most about All About You Events was the foresight with which everything was done. We had details worked out months in advance and that really helped ease my mind when the event finally got close.



I hired Nicole 1 month before my wedding to help with the last minute details. Nicole was friendly, enthusiastic and extremely helpful. She helped organize all the vendor

s on the day of my event and I couldn't have been happier with the service she provided. I would highly recommend

her to any couple.



Nicole is amazing to work with and I will only use her for any future events. I also refer her to anyone who needs

an event planner or help with their event. Cannot say enough wonderful things about her. You will know the second you meet her that she is an amazing person who

will take the best care of you.



Nicole Hickey was FANTASTIC! She was everything a bride and groom could want in a wedding planner. First, she was hands down excellent at all the nitty gritty stuff-having thorough background knowledge of everything wedding related, knowing just how to handle every one of our vendors (we had a million separate vendors) in a timely and professional manner. Second, she was exactly who a stressed out bride wants in her corner when things go wrong. She has a great personality and is the type of person one just wants to hang out with forever, she made planning my wedding go so smoothly. She was on top of everything and handled everything with grace which put me to ease. The day of the wedding her and her two helpers made everything go smoothly-I did not worry about a single thing.


Our wedding was fantastic both on an emotional level and an execution level thanks to Nicole and her helpers!



Nicole was amazing! I didn't have to think about a single thing. No stress on my wedding day at all which is

what I wanted.




Nicole is very professional and easy to work with. She takes the envision of your perfect day and makes it come true. She helped in every way; assisted in the planning of the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, she even helped with the decoration and clean up after the reception. Whenever I felt overwhelmed, Nicole was there to calm me down and help

me make decisions. I absolutely could not have had

"the perfect day" without her. She was a great resource

for ideas and the vendors that she recommended were top notch, I was able to fully enjoy my wedding day without having to worry about a thing.



Nicole really helped me plan our dream wedding. The day of the wedding I was completely stress free and knew that she was taking care of every little detail. She kept me calm when I had my bridal planning moments and was the

rational side of my emotions when dealing with bridal stress. I would highly recommend Nicole to help make

your dream wedding a reality.





Nicole WAS AN instrumental part of our wedding from day one.  She assisted in keeping me within my wedding budget and took the stress out of our special day by making sure that every detail was taken care of, we stayed on time and most

of all she showed grace and courtesy to all of our guests while coordinating the day.






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