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Beginning with the perfect vendors, we work together from start to finish, ensuring that your special day runs smoothly.  Planning  can be overwhelming with so many options to explore before your big day.  We believe planning and design are inseparable. Design effects more than ambiance, it effects the guest and client experience.

full event  planning is your insurance for the best wedding ever and the best gift you can give yourselves!


This level of service can take on a myriad of characteristics, tailored to the specific event and client.  Each  has their own desires, their own needs and each venue is very different.  The goal is to create a package that works for you and your event, without sacrificing quality.

Event Design & Styling

Destination Events

We believe that event planning and design are intrinsically linked. The end result is amazing when every part comes together organically. We get to know our clients extremely well during the course of planning. Our experience, intuition and thoughtfulness inform all that we do and this includes the influence we will have on your event design.

We will assist with the initial style board and every detail to follow.  Design is collaborative and we are here to make sure the end result is perfect for your event, is unique to you and is perfectly coordinated. Design consulting

is included in Full Event Planning.

From Charleston to Palm Beach and to international locations such as Mexico, France and Spain. Getting started sooner than later is important with destination events. We adore weekend long events and weddings, and find that clients are able to enjoy themselves most when they walk away from it all and give quality time to their most memorable days. Let us help you with every detail

of your destination event.




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